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So it occurred to me on the way home from work this morning that perhaps I should post updates to that beginning of the year entry I made. Since I made it about a month ago, it seems appropriate to do that update now.

Procrastination... well.. I can't say as it's gone, but I can say I've been more conscious of it lately. I'm still not getting everything done, but more than was getting done before.

Unfortunately very little has happened with my literary projects. I've tried on a couple of occasions to work on it, but I'm drawing blanks. I'm not the most creative of people when it comes to pulling things from a vacuum, and unfortunately the thoughts I have aren't enough to fill out enough of an outline. Perhaps I should resort to just writing out all of the thoughts and scenes or such, getting it down might jog the rest of the process.

CCNA has gone absolutely nowhere. No excuses. Still on the list.

Exercise... well.. I weighed myself the other day. I've gained weight since the last time(The scale records this info). Needless to say there's been no progress there either, though it has occurred to me that Feb should be my month to start working out in some form. We'll have to see how this goes.

On the whole, very little progress, but this doesn't bother me overmuch since it's only been a month. At least I haven't forgotten most, and 3/4 has at least had some CPU(Cranial Processing Unit) cycles given to them.

(EDIT: Reminder to self, don't do this in the morning after having worked all night. You'll need to go back and edit it several times to fix the errors your going to make.)

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