Fallout 3.

So I had been pondering if it was worth it to pick up Fallout 3. It's gotten good reviews, and it seems to have all the things that make FPS/RPG games for me(My favorite ones of all time were Deus Ex(Original not the second one) and System Shock 2).

So to those of you who bought it already I put this question: Is it worth hunting around store after store to get a retail box, or should I just pick it up from Steam for $10 cheaper?

Gaming stuff

For those of you interested in somewhat older games, Steam has Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines on sale this weekend for $9.99. Very cheap for a very good game. Graphics are the greatest by today's standards, but the story blows away nearly anything out today(I'd presume it'd give Fallout3 a run for it's money).

Link to it on Steam's website:

Sooo tired..

I'm so tired right now, I'm going to share some horrible jokes told at work today.

What does a Vegan Zombie crave?

What vehicle does a Zombie drive?

And worst of all...
What does a musical Zombie play?

I'm going to go hide from the mob baying for my blood now. 8)

Well Canadians...

I voted, have you?

Given that I think this election is a matter of choosing the lesser of several evils, it wasn't until I got to the little booth with the ballot in hand that I decided to vote rather than intentionally spoiling the ballot as I had originally planned.

Any bets on how low the voter turn out will be? One of these days the parties will figure out that if they want people to vote, they should stop pulling policy out of their, ass and actually consult real Canadians in addition to the scientists and other supposedly intelligent people that are normally consulted.

Off to bed for me, gotta work tonight.


... no I'm not being locked up.. yet. Though I did manage to get tickets to Disturbed when they play the Corral in December. I'm a little hesitant about seats in the Corral, since the last time we were there for Blue Man the seat looked like it was about to fall apart and was rather uncomfortable. We'll see I guess, the price I pay to see this band. 8)

We're Baaaaack.

So after a couple of days in Banff, we're home again. Got a few photos to post, which I might do later. Also, it seems our vacationing luck holds out. On the way back from the last vacation we managed to score wiifit. This time, we scored a PS3 80Gig. Last one they had. Go us. Next time I want something, I'll have to go on vacation and look for it on the way back. 8)